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Mapping the Holocaust – The Preservation of the Topovske Šupe Camp is a scientific-research project implemented by the Centre for Public History which aims at presenting the history of the Topovske Šupe concentration camp to the public. In order to permanently preserve the memory of the concentration camp and its victims, the project team intends to carry out a historical research of the Topovske Šupe, map the location and document it present state. This will include collecting archival and other documentation in Serbia and in Germany, taking testimonies, developing an inmate database, and publishing the research results on the website. In order to raise awareness among the general population in Serbia and the international community, the project team plans to launch a public campaign to advocate the preservation of the concentration camp’s original buildings from destruction as the first step in transforming them into a developing a permanent memorial of the Topovske Šupe.

All the project’s results are presented on the web platform and are available to the general public in Serbian and in English.

The website is organized in the following sections:

History of the camp – elementary information about the existence of the Topovske Šupe camp, its victims and the Holocaust in Serbia.

Public guided tours – video and audio recordings of the two public guided tours organised under the project, as well as photographs illustrating the site’s current state

Archive material – the archive material found during the research which reveals information about the camp and its victims, arranged in different sections.

Map – a 1944 map of Belgrade with the camp site and other connected locations marked

Project Team

Milovan Pisarri, PhD historian and author of the Topovske Šupe project

Ružica Dević, coordinator

Miloš Dragičević, website

Irena Žnidaršić-Trbojević, translator, lector

Vladimir Opsenica, photographer

škart, design

Partner organization: Culture and more, Berlin, Germany http://www.cultureandmore.com/de

Project is supported by: