The Topovske šupe

About Topovske šupe

The Topovske Šupe camp for Jews and Roma operated close to the very centre of Belgrade between August and November 1941. Its first prisoners were Jewish men from Banat who had been banished from that region to Belgrade with their families by the local Germans (the Volksdeutsche); they were followed by all Jewish men from Belgrade and, in the end, Roma men, also from Belgrade. All of them, with rare exceptions, were killed in mass shootings in the autumn of 1941, mainly at the site of Jabuka near Pančevo. According to the available estimates, about 5,000 Jews and 1,500 Roma passed through it.

Very little is known today about the Topovske Šupe camp.

The location of the Topovske Šupe camp is now forgotten, derelict and unknown to the general public. There is an imminent danger that the buildings which were part of the camp will be destroyed due to the announced construction of a shopping mall. After the commemorative plaque put up by the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia in 2018. was stolen, representatives of the Belgrade Jewish Community unveiled a new memorial plaque to commemorate the Day of Remembrance and Courage on May 2nd, 2019.

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