Topovske Supe
Mapping the Holocaust - the Topovske Supe concentration camp

The Nazi concentration camp of Topovske Supe (Cannon Sheds) was active between August and November 1941. It was located in a very populated part of the city. 5,000 male Jews and about 1,500 male Roma passed through it. It was one of the first camps only for Jews and Roma in World War II.

The victims were male Jews from Belgrade, Smederevo and Banat, as well as male Roma from Belgrade. They were killed as hostages in retaliation in the fall of 1941 by the German army at the execution sites near Belgrade. The collaborationist forces of Milan Nedić's government actively participated in their arrest.

The buildings in which the detainees were housed are now privately owned and are scheduled to be demolished. At the beginning of 2020, the Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Law on the "Staro Sajmiste" Memorial Center, in which the locationf of Topovske Supe is mentioned as part of the future memorial. This is the first step in preserving it.