Podržite kampanju / Support the Campaign


Preserving the memory of the Topovske Šupe camp and its victims, as well as preserving the existing buildings in which the Jews and the  Roma were detained is the ultimate goal of this project. Unlike other camps located in Belgrade during the Second World War, such as the Banjica camp and the Sajmište camp, the Topovske šupe camp never became part of the collective memory, nor was it the subject of research and memorialization. The citizens of Belgrede, not least those who live near that place, are not familiar with its history. Therefore, the project team organised a public campaign to raise awareness of the history of the camp and its victims, at the international, national and especially local levels. As part of the campaign, the following has been completed:


A promotional video about the Topovske Šupe from today's perspective (English subtitles). Video author: Ivana Nikolić



An Info board on the site of the former camp, linked to the website, which includes essential information about the camp and two archival documents - a letter from a camp inmate and a Jewish Council report on the conditions in the camp 




A billboard at the Autokomanda square, on the roundabout where the entrance to the camp used to be, placed next to the billboard of the Delta company which presents the future appearance of the location, with the following inscription “Did you know that in 1941 there was a camp for Jews and Roma here and that they were all killed?"



During the campaign, a letter was written and sent informing all the key international institutions and organisations dealing with the Holocaust about the situation and plans for the Topovske Šupe camp. Also, an appeal with the aim of collecting any material related to the location of the camp was published on the project's Facebook page and in the newsletter of the Jewish community in Serbia.

We hereby wish to address the public and ask anyone who has photographs, information or other documentation related to the location of the Topovske Šupe and the immediate surroundings, before, during and after the Second World War, to contact us so that we could include the new materials in the archive about the Topovska šupe camp which we are setting up, with the aim of preserving the memory of the victims. We also ask the families and friends of the victims who died in the Topovske Šupe camp to contact us in case they have the victims’ photographs, information or other documents that testify about their lives.

You can contact us by e-mail at: